About the author

Francis E. JacqueryeCreated in November 2005, this blog deals with the areas of our digital lives that should be left open (standards, softwares and devices); and the ones that should be kept closed (privacy and security).

Academically trained in industrial design and goldsmithing across Belgium, Canada, the UK and Italy, author Francis Jacquerye started working as a Web developer in 1999 and became familiar with open software and open digital standards in 2000. At age 25, he won an international design award, a recognition that launched his career in horological design and led to his first patented mechanical invention.

Francis is of Walloon and Budza descent, and as a polyglot he is fluent in French, English and Italian. He has worked as an interpreter, preformed as a voice-over artist, written articles and columns for the Web, taught computer graphics and tutored youth. Francis is also a regular contributor to French-speaking horological forums and in his spare time he enjoys sailing, judo and trekking.

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