A solution for safely remembering your password

PasswordCard is a customizable solution for picking and remembering passwords similar to the charts banks have been using for online banking login. Here is how it works:

  1. The Web site uses a reference key to generate a PasswordCard. In this example it is 3139514585bbbd70. You can safely write your key down and store it somewhere. If someone gets hold of it, they cannot guess your passwords.
  2. The PasswordCard features a grid of random code divided in columns of symbols and lines of different colours:

    You can download that PasswordCard and print it on paper to carry with you.
  3. When you need a password, just remember the symbol and the colour that determin where your password begins. To make it even harder to crack, you could be reading the random code in other ways than from top left to bottom right. You could for example read it in diagonal or in Zig zag. The point is to pick a pattern for each password that you can easily remember.
    For example an 8 character password, from clover column and pink line, from top left to bottom right reads:

Should your PasswordCard get lost or stolen, the person who gets their hands on it will still be missing four informations to read the password:

  • password length
  • symbol column
  • colour line
  • reading direction

With your key code, you can go on the Web site any time and extract the same key to print again.