How seniors on a tight budget can get help with medication cost?

How seniors on a tight budget can get help with medication cost?

To lead a proper and healthy life, we often take the help of medication but if we look at the trends in the past few years on the medication cost, it shows constant increase in the cost. It becomes more prominent concern for seniors who have tight finance situation because it is the age when one attracts more chronic illness and is prone to most of the health related problems. And then we start worrying which is of course not a solution. In this article we will help you with some information that will help you in maintaining your medication cost without worrying about your finance condition.

What leads to the increase in medication cost?

There are numerous factors responsible for the raise in medication cost. Some of the most important factors are:

  1. Increase in prescription drug prices: it is one of the most important reasons for the increase in drug prices.
  2. High premium health insurance
  3. High deductibles health Plan
  4. Delayed access to health care.

How you can get help with medication cost?

There are numerous things that you can do to budget your medication cost without hampering your finance conditions.

  1. Choosing the best medicine can help you a lot. You can ask to your doctor to prescribe generic medicine rather than a branded medicine; basically there are two types of medicines:

Generic medicines: these are medicines with the same active ingredients as the branded medicines have, and the qualities of active ingredients are also the same. Hence it has the same effect on the body in terms of curing the condition for which the medicine was taken. Only difference here is the difference in inactive ingredients- which are responsible for taste, smell etc. These medicines are manufactured after patents for these medicines expire. These are the copies of original branded- medicines. Hence these medicines are sold at cheaper prices in the markets. Brand-named medicines: since these medicines are manufactured after research by the parent companies themselves- they are sold relatively at higher prices and sometime these medicines are very expensive. But the effects of these drugs on body are same

  • Choosing right health insurance premium: you should be careful while choosing the premium of health insurance. You should choose the premium according to your needs and you should be careful while you receive the bills. Peruse the bills; contact your insurance provider if there is any error.
  • Regular health check-up; this can help you in detecting the problems in the initial phase which will definitely help you in the treatment for that problem at miniscule cost.
  • Compare drugs prices online; this way you will be getting the drugs at discounted price and you can also check for any discount available in your local markets. It definitely can help managing your finance.

Here in this article we have shared how you can get 2019 AARP Medicare supplement Plans help with the medication cost even if you are at a tight-budget and not financially strong.

How seniors can get out of poverty?

How seniors can get out of poverty?

With the increasing advancements in the medical field, life expectancy has shown tremendous growth and of course this is a matter of pride across the world, however poverty is one of the factors that has faded the vibrancy of this achievement. Today, a considerable percentage of people are above the age of 65, with very bad finance condition. But, here in this article we will write on how seniors can get out of poverty by following some of the tricks.

Main causes of poverty

There are numerous causes for this plight but these are some to name a few.

  1. Increasing medical costs: Increase in chronic illness e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia-  which are quite prevalent among senior citizens,
  2. Lack of health insurance or increase in the premium of health insurances.
  3. Lack of budget can be the reason for the plight of financial condition.
  4. No savings or emergency funds.
  5. Spending much on housing.
  6. Lack of skills.

These are some of the reasons which contribute in increasing poverty but now we will tell you what are the things that you can do for the betterment of your finance conditions.

What you can do for the betterment of your financial condition?                 

  1. Housing options: once you attain the age of 65 or have retired, you can opt for the ‘public housing’ or you can also look for government subsidized housing schemes which can help you in maintaining a proper balance between your living your standards and your finance conditions.
  2. Delaying retirement: delaying retirement after full retirement age can help you in getting increased higher percentage of social security benefits.
  3. Health insurance policy: It can help you in managing medical costs. You should be wise in choosing the best premium for yourself; it depends on your needs. You can also look of subsidized health insurance schemes provided by the government- probably this would be the cheapest option that you can try.
  4. Savings: It is one of the most important requirements because it is the only source that can help you financially during emergency.
  5. Extra skills: after retirement you can look for some other works which require skills and this can help you in getting some extra cash in your hand. You can choose according to your interest.
  6. You can control your transportation and other expenses by choosing the best place that fulfils your need.

In this article we have shared how you can manage to get out of poverty or you can manage your finance for 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans found here without compromising your living standards. I hope, now you are acquaint with the things that you can do to have a happy life after the retirement age.

Catastrophes that will Probable Happen in your Retirement and how to Prepare for Them

Catastrophes that will Probable Happen in your Retirement and how to Prepare for Them

There are so many bad things that can possibly happen in retirement. Inflation could go up, stocks could terribly fall, and high tides could flood your retirement home at the beach. These things sometimes happen in retirement, but they might also not happen. However, there are some terrible things that are likely to happen in your retirement. Here are some common misfortunes that can happen to retirees.

  1. Losing your spouse

Thinking about losing your spouse can be very unsettling. But is almost certain that one of you is going to die first and leave the other behind. The death of a wife or a husband is the most traumatic event from a family and personal perspective. It is also a key financial event and it can have grave financial consequences if there is no proper planning done in advance.

To deal with the death of a spouse beforehand from a financial perspective, you should both plan together. Both of you should understand all the details of each other’s retirement plan. Both of you should have the full list of all income sources, debts, accounts, and so on.

  • A major medical episode

As we age, we become more vulnerable to various health issues. While some health issues are usually annoying and not pleasant, others can sometimes be serious and incapacitating and can change our lives in a major way. The sad fact is that aging typically comes with certain ailments. The best thing you can always do is to prevent these ailments as you prepare for the worse. You can prevent ailments by taking care of your health. You can do this by exercising regularly, stick to a balanced diet, and stay active. You can also take a god medical cover. Besides, signing up for a great supplement plan is also a good idea. You can also have savings account dedicated to your health.

  • Living for a longer time

Yes, you saw and read it right. Living for a longer time that you expected can be great, but it can also be an awful thing too especially for an individual’s retirement plan. Poor health can definitely dent your retirement. However, great health too can also pose a threat to a retirement plan and your retirement security. As a matter of fact, living longer increases your chances of depleting your savings. To deal with longevity, you should ensure that you are going to have enough guaranteed income flow for a 2019 medicare advantage plans so don’t hesitate and visit lifetime.


Importance of body posture in Old Age

Importance of body posture in Old Age

Aging is a process more within the career of living beings, and each year there is a greater number of people who live to a long age and each generation does more than the previous. This has caused a change in the demographic pyramids, producing a transformation, reaching what is known as cone effect and the reason for all this lies in the search for welfare and stability.

Old age is today a serious problem worldwide, in super-exploited and colonized countries, this problem is not topical and it is simply because the inhabitants do not get old, the average life can be so low that it goes from 30 to 45 years, This tremendously accusatory. Knowing the elderly means being receptive to their needs and possibilities, giving confidence and security to provide a better space for personal fulfillment.

The body posture is part of our personality, it is a somatic description of the internal emotions of our psyche, we see ourselves, we stop as we feel and we want to act in a conscious or unconscious form adopting a certain position that is already part of us and of our environment in which we develop.

The development of body posture is a dynamic process that has a whole series of physical changes from its inception in the pregnant uterus, then in the early childhood phase, a child who starts walking, a young person who studies and develops, an adult who works and finishing in the third age. Each of these stages has its way of influencing and unfavorably modifying the human position if there is no social process with knowledge about the importance of posture for health.

Physical exercise practiced in the elderly regularly contributes to:

•    Encourage the integration of the body schema.

•    It promotes general well-being.

•    Keep our senses more agile and attentive.

•    Facilitate intergenerational relationships.

•    Increase social contacts and social participation.

•    Induce positive changes in the lifestyle of older adults.

•    Increase the quality of sleep.

•    Decrease anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

•    Reinforce intellectual activity, thanks to good cerebral oxygenation.

•    To contribute in a great way to psycho-affective balance.

•    Prevent falls.

•    Increase aerobic capacity, muscle strength, and flexibility.

•    Decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

•    Make cardiac contraction more effective.

•    Stop muscle atrophy.

•    Promote joint mobility.

•    Avoid bone decalcification.

•    Increase the elimination of cholesterol, decreasing the risk of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

•    Reduce the risk of clot formation in the vessels and therefore thrombosis and embolism.

•    Increase the respiratory capacity and oxygenation of the blood.

•    Avoid obesity.

Tips for Lowering Your Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs Pt 2

Tips for Lowering Your Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs Pt 2

If you take long-term medication, Post-ordering is not only convenient, but mail order pharmacies can be much cheaper than retail pharmacies. Many plans offering mail order pharmacies also provide this service in free standard shipping.

Check your permission for the Medicare utility

Medicare sometimes gives financial support to Medicare beneficiaries with low income and limited resources. If you qualify for the Medicare Enhancement Supplement based on a progression factor, Medicare can cover all drug costs. The National Aging Council has an online tool that helps you determine if you are eligible for additional assistance and other programs, as well as to help you apply.

Use tools such as the AARP calculator for the donut hole

AARP has formulated an interactive application which can help you find out your distance from the insurance loophole in Medicare Part D (i.e. uninsured gap). You are covered by this insurance as soon as your plan has spent $3,780 on prescription drug insurance. Getting a 2019 medicare advantage plan is easy with an agent found on

This tool also helps you find identical but economical choices for the medications you have already taken. If less expensive and drugs similar in therapy are identified, this tool will write a letter to present to the physician and ask for the pros and cons of the change. Consider subscribing to a policy offering additional insurance coverage

As you correct the coverage gap for Part D, you are responsible for paying a greater portion of the cost of prescription drugs. In the insurance gap in 2018, you will not pay more than 35% of the cost of the drug on branded drugs and 44% of the generic price. However, some plans provide extra insurance in a vacuum, which can help you save money if you take many medications regularly. Types of supplementary insurance may include:

Lower Payments for Generic Drugs Compared to Standard Medicare Benefits

Total coverage in a vacuum (some plans, for instance, some employer-sponsored plans do not have insurance loop holes)

If you select a plan that offers additional insurance in the empty space, you may have to pay a higher monthly premium to take advantage of this additional benefit. If annual drug costs are not high enough to close the gap, or if you do not comply with the rules of this policy, such as mail-order pharmacy or generic drugs, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars extra for the premiums of this plan than what you receive in benefits for the drug. If you would like more information on Medicare’s prescription drug plans, your broker will be glad to respond to your questions. To request personalized information by e-mail or reminder, you can also check the plans nearby.

You have to continue payment for the premium for Medicare Part B. The pharmacy network, the form and / or the provider network can be changed at any time. You will be notified if necessary. Limitations, Restrictions, and co payments may apply. Benefits, Premiums, and / or co payments may be altered before January 1 of every year.

Senior should laugh and cry a lot

Senior should laugh and cry a lot

Did you know that laughter is medicine to a troubled soul? If you didn’t know about this, then this is something that you should now be in a position to discover something about it. Studies have shown that laughter is a source of healing and it does not heal broken soul only but it heals the physical wounds and diseases as well. It is very important therefore to be in a position where you are able to laugh and sometimes cry. Someone will say that crying is for women and men don’t cry. Maybe yes and maybe no. It is very crucial to always cry and laugh sometimes. Here are a number of reasons why it is important to laugh and cry at the same time.

Laughter helps you forget any kind of painful experience you have gone through

It is very crucial to understand the fact that every senior must have gone through difficulties. Such experiences might have held you captive and you might have stuck in such memories. To forget this, you need to make sure that you laugh at most and sometimes, you may decide to cry it out. Whenever you cry, you will feel like a portion of a huge burden has been offloaded off your shoulders. Whenever you laugh you also forget your problems and that is the reason why it is being proposed that you should laugh.

Laughing help your take things lightly

Not all people can be able to laugh for the whole day at intervals. It is crucial to understand that it is impossible to laugh continuously but you could actually find someone who is able to make you laugh. With that idea in mind, it is very crucial to understand that when people talk and laugh, they tend to forget their problems for a few minutes. It is therefore very important to laugh even when something or the subject at hand is not something to laugh about. It takes a little of your energy for you to laugh but not to consider 2019 medicare advantage plans so contact a rep via

Crying or sobbing is very important as it freshens your spirits

It is very important to make sure that you sometimes cry even when you are a man. What do you earn from crying? There is something that comes out of crying. When you cry, you will certainly feel like something is out of your shoulder. That tells you that seniors should cry even in camera. It is not a crime.

Invest in Breakfast and never Skip it

Invest in Breakfast and never Skip it

Senior are like early birds basically because most of them do wake up very early in the morning. This might sound a bad thing for a senior who has retired and has the whole time of day in his hands. A senior has got nowhere to go that early but this time should be spent making a very good breakfast. Did you know that a good breakfast will keep weight issues at bay? If didn’t know about this, then you are now on the know side. Do make a good breakfast each day? Is there someone who can help you make a good breakfast? If no, then consider it do it yourself so that you can utilize the tip about good breakfast that will make you accrued energy and keep weigh gain away.

What makes a good/healthy breakfast?

Before we can go to that, studies have shown the fact that seniors tend to gain more and more weight through skipping breakfast. This might sound absurd because weight gain is associated with high intake of food. But this findings are correct because whenever you take food at night or at dinner time, it tend to remain in your stomach meaning that if you skip breakfast, the digestion of the residue will go on and on and that will lead to weight gain. Get a 2019 medicare advantage plan with to support your health and to go the doctor.

A good breakfast should include a high fiber breakfast

A high fiber breakfast is that which has not been finely processed. If you love taking bread, then make sure that you take a brown rough bread because it has a lot of fibers in it. What is the importance of fibers in food? Fibers plays a great role in enhancing peristalsis within your digestive system. In other words, high fibers will always push the remaining amount of food substrates you ate during dinner time. This excess amounts will come out and you will be safe from a continuous production of sugars.

A good breakfast must contain fruits or fruit juices

Fruit juices are good for your health if you are a seniors. The main reason why we need fruits is because fruits gives us vitamin C. It is very important therefore to make sure that you take a breakfast and it must include a fruit at least. That is very important.

A boiled egg and milk or yoghurt must be there

It is very important to make sure that you add and egg and some milk to your breakfast. That means adding a little bit of protein crucial for tissues rejuvenation.

What Causes Ministroke in Seniors?

What Causes Ministroke in Seniors?

The primary causes of ministroke in seniors are given below:

1. Atherosclerosis of the brain vessel              

This may occur:

if a piece of atherosclerotic plaque comes off, not completely, but around 55-75% and then gets absorbed by the body;

if a thrombus is layered on the atherosclerotic plaque and has reduced (not blocked) the lumen of the vessel, after which it has dissolved;

if the vessel wall in which the atherosclerotic plaque was deposited became thicker, due to which the vessel diameter decreases.

2. Thrombosis of the lower extremities

A thrombus separates and “travels” through the bloodstream, causing it to stop in one of the brain’s vessels, disrupting the power of the neurons, and then the blood clot dissolves.

3. Smoking or ingestion of vasospasm

The vessels are tightly compressed, in one of the sections (usually the vessel most affected by inflammation, diabetes, or other pathology) the blood almost stops flowing to the brain, but then the spasm passes.

4. Operations on the bones (especially large ones), burns, bruises of the subcutaneous tissue         

The penetration of a suspension containing molecules of fat into the bloodstream, followed by short-term blockage of one of the cerebral vessels.

5. Anemia (inadequate levels of hemoglobin)               

Not enough oxygen enters the brain due to the fact that there are few molecules transporting it (hemoglobin).

6. Carbon monoxide poisoning        

Hemoglobin is blocked by a carbon monoxide molecule and cannot transfer oxygen.

7. Increased blood viscosity

Periodically, the blood is not able to squeeze in some of the small vessels.

What to do if your elderly loved one suffers a ministroke?

1. Call the ambulance.

2. The patient must be placed in an upright position. They may fall when dizziness appears it is important to be extra careful in such situations.

3. The patient should be transferred on a hard surface, with their head raised by 30 ° (put a pillow or a folded sheet under the head). This will make sure that less fluid is accumulated in the cranial cavity. The patient’s head should also be turned to the side to avoid vomiting.

4. It is necessary to unfasten the belt and collar and remove the clothes which make them uncomfortable.

5. If the elderly patient stops breathing, it is important to press on the sternum with crossed palms with a frequency of 100-120 presses per minute. For the first 2-3 minutes, you cannot do artificial respiration. When you press on the sternum, a small amount of air is likely to enter the lungs of the patient.

6. If possible, blood pressure should be measured. If it is higher than 160/100 mm Hg, and the person is conscious, you can give them a drink and the pill which they regularly intake.

Medigap for over 65 seniors in the US: 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison located at can assist in covering extra costs like copay & co-insurance.